Various Links of Interest for MRI and MRS

Books and Teaching Materials On-line

The Basics of MRI by Joseph P. Hornak.
The Whole Brain Atlas by Keith A Johnson and J. A. Becker.
Introduction to MRI on line by Ray Ballinger.
NMR Spectral Parameters for In Vivo Metabolites and Their Model Spectra - by V. Govindaraju et al.


IDL - Interactive Display Language.
Python - Free object oriented prgramming language.
Montreal Neurological Institute - Software and BrainWeb simulated MRI
MATPULSE - a RF pulse synthesis program from Jerry Matson.
Rview - Image viewer and registration by Colin Studholme.
MRIcro - Image display by Chris Rorden.
Vespa - Spectral simulation and analysis from Brian Soher. Used for the spectral analysis in MIDAS.
ImageJ - Java display from NIH
FSL - Image processing package
SPM - Statistical Parametric Mapping package for fMRI and more
jMRUI - Spectral analysis

MRI/MRS Societies

ISMRM - International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine
ESMRMB - European Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine and Biology
RSNA - Radiological Society of North America

Web Sites of interest

MRSHUB - ISMRM MRS community
NMR Information Server