Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q's)

  1. Will the MIDAS software work for my *** MRS study?
    Ans. The MIDAS processing is very flexible and can be adapted to different 2D or 3D MRSI methods, however, it is really designed to support the volumetric EPSI acquisition and may not offer any advantage over vendor-supplied MRS processing for more conventional MRS acquisitions, or would need modification to support more exotic MRS methods.

  2. Can I get the volumetric EPSI sequence?
    Ans. Yes, for most 3T instruements from GE, Philips, or Siemens. Distribution is subject to the usual requirements from the instrument manufacturers that your site has a research agreement and methods for distribution differ for GE, Philips, or Siemens, so contact the appropriate person to get the details.

  3. How can I get the MIDAS software?
    Ans. The package is available on request and at no cost to academic researchers. However, due to the rather complex history of the MIDAS development the release of the software requires completion of a Material Transfer Agreement, which must be signed by an institutional official. Please send a request to Andrew Maudsley.

  4. Can I get the MIDAS source code?
    Ans. Yes, this is available on request. It is anticipated that changes made to the software can be incorporated into the release for everyone to use.

  5. Who can edit the wiki?
    Ans. Only Registered users can edit the wiki. If you already have an account please request access, or if you have material that you would like to include on the site please send it to Andrew.

  6. Where can I find wiki related documentation?
    Ans. You can find it in Trac Help Guide