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Metabolic Imaging

The core of the metabolic imaging is the MIDAS project headed by Dr. Andrew Maudsley, PhD.
The projects include:

  • Advancing MR Spectroscopic Imaging Methods
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • ALS

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Physiologic Imaging

The core of the physiologic imaging is the MRICP project headed by Dr. Noam Alperin, PhD.
The projects include:

  • MRICP - a method utilizing dynamic imaging of blood and CSF flow to and from the brain to derive clinically important parameters such as total cerebral blood flow and intracranial pressure.
  • CSF Studio - a comprehensive software for automated analyses of blood and CSF flow
  • Applications to Chiari Malformations, Hydrocephalus, IIH, and Aging

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Structural Imaging and Imaging Processing

Brain anatomy is the framework for the metabolic, physiologic and functional imaging. An advanced image processing laboratory has been created to provide tools for segmentation and registration of these multi MR modalities data into a common framework.


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