CSF Standard Flow (CSF) - Multi Center Validation Study



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  • To establish a standard for quantitative CSF flow study
  • To assess reproducibility of automated flow quantitation tool


  • Same 3 data sets (one from each scanner manufacturer) are analyzed independently at several participating sites using automated flow quantitation software that will be distributed for this purpose.
  • Each participating site will acquire 3 scans following a recommended protocol from 3 healthy volunteers (age 20-25).

The study will be coordinated in the University of Miami, Department of Radiology.

Requirements from participating sites

  • Access to 3T scanner with cine phase contrast pulse sequences and IRB/Helsinki approval for flow studies in human subjects

Interested participating site should email lsang2@med.miami.edu.
Please include contact information, scanner type and previous experience (if any) with cine phase contrast.


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